Related image Do you desire to quickly attract your Soulmate or take your relationship to the next level?

Related image Are you longing for deeper love connection, supportive and harmonious relationships?

Related image Do you wish you could feel truly loved…loving yourself, love from your family, and love from the Divine?

Then, IT’S TIME to transform all that’s in the way of you having the love and fulfilling relationships you’ve always wanted!

LOVE MAGIC starts here–NOW–no matter what difficulties or 
challenges you’ve experienced.

If you desire to get to the root of what’s truly in the way of your love life…

If you yearn to experience loving and fulfilling relationships, passionate intimacy, deeper love connection with yourself, your loved ones, and the Divine/God…

If you find yourself SEARCHING for healing and lasting change…

Then, this is for you!

You deserve to experience the magic of love. It is your birthright!

WHY having great LOVE relationships is important?

Research studies have proven that great love relationships and great friendships between lovers, parents and children lead to:

  • Greater Wealth–increase in financial resources and income

  • Greater Health–mental health as well as physical health

  • Greater Longevity–live longer and healthier

  • Greater Happiness and Purpose

  • Greater Resilience– quickly recover and overcome from setbacks and challenges

  • Faster Recovery from illness

  • Reduction of chronic pain–love activates the same areas of the brain as painkillers
  • More Successful children–just priceless

Love has a kind of magic…it’s able to help you heal and to do amazing things. When you can fully harness the magic of love, then your life will radically transform before your eyes 180° and anything is possible.

Within 2 weeks got married to a doctor!

“”Jenny did some clearing of my heart walls and removing negative energies…After 2 weeks of meeting Jenny, I got engaged and the most interesting thing was, I was only dating for 4 months. I was not expecting for him to ask me at that point in our relationship. He is the best man for me and a Soul mate, and I never ever expected to have someone to really understood me in my life, considering this is my second marriage in my 50’s.

We got married ~4 months after. Before this, I was in acceptance of being alone for the rest of my life and only maybe dating. My husband turns out to be a doctor who is really passionate and caring in his field. I also had more clarity on the directions in my business…Jenny is very passionate and gifted in her healing work.”

~ Kim, California

I have found my true love!

“I had been feeling stuck for 3 years straight. Since taking Jenny’s amazing program, my personal relationships have improved. I have found true love, and have had breakthroughs in my personal and professional life which led me to take more constructive action than I had thought possible. I feel more in alignment with my purpose and my passions than ever before.”

~ Juniper Hiltz, USA, Artist & Writer

I got married! Never had a relationship in the past.

“Hi Jenny! Since we started the work together…now I got married! Having never had a relationship in the past. Life has definitely been shifting in a different direction.”

~ Nari

Attract my Soulmate after being single for many years

I’m in my mid 40’s and I meet my Soulmate after being single for a very long time after working with Jenny. We have been together now for over 1 year and get really serious. He’s definitely a MAJOR UPGRADE—he is kind and financial stable and can take care of me for a change. I can’t thank you enough Jenny!”

~ Sheryl, USA

I got married within 2 months. WOW!

“I had 1 session with Jenny. We worked on cutting all cords of attachment from past relationships, sexual, and emotional especially to my ex-girlfriend. About 2 months later I got married. Wow! This was quick.”

~ Asad, Pakistan

I’m in my 50’s…Now I’m able to really love myself. Breaking out of toxic sabotaging patterns.
Trusting my intuition and just got my dream job!

“I’m in my 50’s and now I’m able to really love myself. I’ve always been very hard on myself and beating myself up and keep sabotaging myself when I’m about to have success or something good about to happen. Now, I’m breaking out of this toxic sabotaging pattern keeping me stuck and playing small. I am waking happier! I am scheduling time for “ME” daily and making Me a priority. I even have deeper connection with the Divine and trusting my intuition. Also I just got my dream job—working with kids, doing what I love.Thank you for the loving healing support and guidance, Jenny!”

~ Charlotte, USA

LOVE is a biological need that’s critical to our survival because by nature we are social species, wired and built for connections–having genuine relationships and regular interactions. Many studies have shown that when newborn babies do not receive sufficient physical human touch, they can die, even if all their physical needs are met.

According to AARP Research, about ⅓ of U.S. adults age 45 and older reported feeling lonely. Loneliness is a major growing problem around the world. People who are lonely or those who have troubled relationships are more likely to not live as long and have many health problems. This can be devastating as you get older–can have serious health and financial consequences.

Are You Experiencing Any Of These Symptoms?

  • Frequently triggered by those around you and feeling “hurt”
  • Losing connection in your marriage…dead marriage or “housemate” partnership
  • Fighting and arguing in your relationship, you say “I love you” less
  • Lack of communication or constant disagreements in your relationship
  • Don’t feel loved or lovable–romance is missing in your life
  • It’s painful being around other couples–seeing couple embracing, hugging and kissing, or wishing you could experience that
  • Lack of trust, feeling betrayed, and insecurities in your relationship
  • Low self-esteem, shame, or negative self-talk–feeling unworthy
  • Feeling frustrated, stressed, and overwhelmed with your family or partner
  • Depression and anxiety–a constant backdrop in your life
  • Feeling tired and drained, unable to focus, and not motivate


  • Low sex drive, intimacy is non-existent, or sex is without pleasure
  • Feeling lonely and isolated, unable to have fun and enjoy life
  • Not feeling free to be who you are and express yourself
  • Repeating patterns of toxic relationships
  • Comparing and judging yourself, or jealous of other’s love
  • Spouse is not supportive, boss and co-workers not respecting you, and/or kids are not listening
  • Heartaches, heaviness and pain in the heart chakra/chest area
  • Haven’t talk to a certain family members in years
  • Disconnected from your inner guidance or not feeling loved & supported by the Divine/God
  • Your health is deteriorating…pains in the body, digestive issues, sleep difficulty, low energy, chronic fatigue

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, then let’s take a closer look at the research studies to shine some lights into your problems

This is a very important thing because your emotions have a direct impact on the physiology and biochemistry. Your body makes and releases the right kind of hormones to support the longevity of your brain and your body systems such as cardiovascular (heart) system, digestive system, and immune system. Everything is directly impacted by your emotion at the quality of life that those emotions are created.

This is a very important thing because your emotions have a direct impact on the physiology and biochemistry. Your body makes and releases the right kind of hormones to support the longevity of your brain and your body systems such as cardiovascular (heart) system, digestive system, and immune system. Everything is directly impacted by your emotion at the quality of life that those emotions are created.

Most of us wear our negative emotions layer-by-layer and we believe that’s who we are. Feelings and emotions are the end product of past experiences. We can not create a new future holding on to the past. But this is what we are doing unconsciously–stuck in the past, hence we are not able to create the lasting transformations we really desire, at the speed that we desperately seek, or worse keep digging ourselves into a deeper hole.

How These Data Are Staggering…

About 50 percent of all marriages in the United States are ending in divorce or permanent separation. That’s approximately 1 divorce in every 36 seconds and 900,000 each year. What you may not know is that the percent of marriages end in divorce shockingly increase with 60% of 2nd marriages and 73% of 3rd marriages.

Furthermore, in a landmark study of over 17,000 patients showed that there’s an undeniable link between unhealed traumas to illnesses to repeating the same dysfunctional patterns. Patients were interviewed for “Adverse Childhood Experiences” such as:

  • Parental separation or divorce
  • Physical, sexual and emotional abuse or neglect
  • Family/household challenges or dysfunctions

This study showed childhood traumas:

  • Very common, over 66% of individuals reported having at least one childhood trauma.
  • Have a delayed effect on the body, predisposing someone to illnesses—even from something that happened 50 years ago.
  • Have a direct correlation between childhood trauma to adult illnesses in all categories: Cancer, chronic pain, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, depression, suicide, and more.
  • Directly correlate with the more traumas the individual reported, the sicker and more resistant to treatment they were.
  • Put the person at higher risk for unhealthy behaviors and repeating the same dysfunctional patterns in their own life.

Expert Testimonials

Highly recommend you work with Jenny very closely. You won’t regret it.

“Jenny is definitely a person you want to work with… Jenny is a beacon of divine light with high love, high truth, and high integrity. Jenny really shines because she is so kind, so loving, so compassionate, you just feel completely enveloped in love when you work with her. I know I do, so I highly recommend that you take this opportunity to work with Jenny very closely. You won’t regret it.

Dr. Karen Kan,

Holistic Physician & Spiritual Medicine Expert, #1 Bestselling author of Guide to Healing Chronic Pain - Holistic Approach

Jenny’s work is very powerful.

“I found Jenny Ngo’s energy work to be very powerful. I love her open, honest, authentic nature. She works as very clear channel to bring her GOD Team into work with your GOD Team, without any egoic intellect getting in the way. With this technique she was able to facilitate very profound clearings from my energetic fields to help me release the resistance… She also offers sound practice advice from her Heart… Thank you Jenny, Big Love.”

Matt Andrews,

Channel and Facilitator for ManTarA

Shifts happening around as if a veil being removed to let the treasure out

“Jenny.., the real deal!!! As she started working on the issue I could sense shifts happening around as if a veil being removed to let the treasure out. I’m impressed with her in depth knowledge and explanation about her process. That’s really amazing!!!!”

Aparna Vemuri,

Inner Alchemy Facilitator

Jenny has a remarkable gift of healing that allows her to clear and transform layers negative energy which blocks health and wholeness.

“Jenny has a remarkable gift of healing that allows her to clear and transform layers negative energy which blocks health and wholeness. Jenny is very dedicated to working with each person or groups of people in a way that brings about balance on all levels–body, mind, and spirit and in all areas of one’s life. The integrity of what Jenny does is amazing.”

~ Nancy Gordon, Ph.D.,
Psychoneuroimmunologist, Corporate Coach, National Wellness Consultant & Author- “The Guiding Philosophy for the Future of Healthcare: It’s Not What You Think…(Actually It Is What You Think”!

Why do people struggle with these problems…and not able to breakfree from past hurts?

The #1 thing that’s holding you back from having love and fulfilling relationships you are looking for is your unhealed core wound.

These core wounds come from all of your experiences of past hurts, from your limiting beliefs and patterns, and out of coping, defense, overcompensation, and survival mechanism–connected to your past emotions including ancestral and past life.

As you can see, no matter how long it has been or how hard you try…if your core wounds are not healed, you will keep repeating the same dysfunctional patterns. Because these emotional energies become stuck in your energy fields–becoming so familiar or what you are experiencing. Plus, the energy Law of Resonance, you bring to you exactly the same energy to what you resonate with. You are unconsciously sending out this energy vibration; hence, you keep attracting and repeating the same thing over and over. Further, confirming your experiences that your beliefs are actually true.

Healing Your Core Wounds Will Keep You From Making The Same Costly Mistakes…

Because what we have been through, it’s like a huge tug-of-war within. Part of you desperately want to heal so you can experience the magic of love– to finally break-free from past experiences and beliefs of not loved, not deserving of love, not possible to
have love, or love hurts. But, the unconscious part of you (~90%) is pushing this away–memories like it’s not safe, love is painful, or you are going to be hurt badly again.
Your old, dense energies and your intentions are going into opposite directions. 

They are not in alignment of what you consciously desire. Therefore, what you desire don’t come to you at all or not without lots of struggling and suffering.

You don’t have to go through the struggles and heartache any more. This Radical Love Package can help you with that.

Here’s How Jenny Can Help…

As a transformational healer and intuitive coach, I helped over a thousand clients globally, who have tried almost EVERYTHING to heal and were frustrated with either little or no improvements to their healing progress. My clients were able to quickly break out of their limitations, heal their past hurts, and transform their lives. They were able to attract their Soulmates and get married. Many difficult relationships were transformed 180 degrees–even of 30 and 50 years. 

Because of the deep inner transformational work that I’ve done at a personal level, my relationship with my husband of 20 years, my Soulmate, is going strong now more than ever. The depth of love and intimacy is the best now–even after having 2 children. I never thought this could be possible!

But it wasn’t always like this before…I would get badly triggered and felt hurt by my husband. When we would get into arguments, I literally shutdown, withdrew, and isolated myself. In addition, I struggled with intimacy, more misses than hit orgasm–leaving me thinking, “What’s the point?” Not to mention I felt I had no intuition–feeling disconnected from my purpose and the Divine.

Growing up, I was behind in school and got caned regularly by my teachers for not knowing the answers to the lessons. Although, I was “taken care of” by my parents, I didn’t feel loved. I didn’t see my parents showed love affection. My relationships with my siblings and mom were difficult and they triggered me left and right.

It wasn’t until I realized what the real problem was… It was all the unhealed wounds within me. All these past hurts and toxic emotions of shame, guilt, regrets, fears, feeling unloved, and unsupportive that I’ve carried around for so long caused me to behave and react in this way. It was so unconscious like a knee-jerk reaction. This was affecting other areas of my life including prosperity and health.

Working with many healers, teachers, and programs over the years before I became a transformational coach and healer, I was still left with many limiting beliefs, wounds, and past hurts. So I prayed to God for guidance to help me serve at the highest instrument of the Divine. Then the activations and transmissions came forth as if it was downloaded to me from Above–the Quantum Healing Blueprint.

When I applied this in my own life, I quickly healed the stubborn blocks and overcame my own hurts and limitations. Clients who met and embodied this Blueprint were able to quickly transform and have unbelievable results and breakthroughs. They too were able to quickly heal their past hurts and core wounds–be the better version of themselves.

It would be my honor to support you to radically transform your love life and to experience the magic of love…

Here’s What Others Have Already Experienced With Jenny

More self love than I had in 20 years!

I have more self love for myself now than I did in 20 years after working with Jenny. I am now able to let go of my past hurts that has been holding me back. I feel so light and amazing afterwards. I can’t believe how easy this. I’m glad I’ve found you after all these years. Thank you so much Jenny for showing me the proper way.”

~ Monica, Germany

WOW! Night and day difference with my relationships with my husband & kids. Feeling abundant and trusting my intuition

Where I am now and where I was before Jenny’s healing work is a huge night and day difference. I wanted to get be happy and really get unstuck from all that I was going through for the past several years. I’ve tried many healing work and programs, but there was this big gap from where I am to where I can be.

Now I’m really, really happy, more positive than ever before and trusting life…I trust my intuition/inner guidance, feeling confident and really good about myself! I’m no longer angry about my husband and my husband also changed as the result. He’s more calmer, appreciative and respecting me. My relationships with my children also improved—no arguments—they are being more appreciative and caring towards me. WOW, never imagined this could be possible for me—at this level.”

~ Yudis, USA

Free My Inner Child

“I learned to be in the Heart’s space, in the body, and let go of my own resistance. I was able to worked through limiting beliefs and deep traumas growing up and even past lives. I’m now more confident, able to trust my intuition/guidance. I received clarity around what I really want to do. I got the courage to step through my fears and resistance of “being out there”…

Jenny helped me free my inner child where she was hurt. And soon after this session, my little son was able to be not as clingy to me. It’s as if my son was just like my inner child, and when I healed that part of me, he’s also free to be who he is. This plus more has been an eye opener for me.”

~ Jasmin, USA

Whatever hurts I’ve been through,were no longer there! I have truly forgiven my ex-husband.

I was married for over 20 yrs. In my marriage, I’ve experienced lots of hurts and abuses. Even though I’ve been doing a lot of healing work around forgiveness, there are still some work here. As Jenny took me through the Forgiveness healing journey, I wanted to work on forgiving my ex-husband. Then to my surprise, he was energetically side-by-side me, with his arms around my shoulders. In this moment, I felt as if whatever hurts I’ve been through, were no longer there! Now, I feel I have truly forgiven him. And filled up with so much love and support. Thank you Jenny!”

~ Vivienne H., Australia

Deep healing around my ex-husband who had physically and emotionally abused me in my 20’s. Freeing my inner child.

“I’m in my mid 50’s and with all the healing work I did in the past, it got me to here but I just felt something was missing or somehow I wasn’t able to shift much. Since working with you in the past few weeks, my life is transforming. I feel so much weight has been lifted from me. The sadness and anger that has been suppressed and buried are healing. I feel lighter, at peace, and able to be really Present and in my body. My inner child is freer…the joy is coming out, even got up and dance around–unlike of me.

I’m able to have deep healing around my ex-husband who had physically and emotionally abused me in my 20’s. I can say now I have a deeper understanding from the Higher Perspective and can forgive him. I didn’t know how much unforgiveness and toxic emotions from unhealed core wounds I was carrying around all these years. This has affected me in so many different areas of my life…my joy, my health, connection to others like family and co-workers and even my intuition, my ability to receive support, and my financial situation (feeling not worthy or not good enough, etc). I am not feeling the anger around this period of my life. And really knowing this has freed me in so many ways! I also feel more love and compassion about my mom. I have been more open around her—this is a huge shift too.

I’ve taught this to my 2 grandkids to also be present with their emotions, they are in their early teens who parents are going through divorce. That’s okay to feel their emotions and WOW, I can see the difference in their behaviors and ability to express love. I’m so grateful I’ve followed my heart to work with you Jenny!”

~ V.H., USA

My relationship with my 70 yrs old Momma is better now than it has ever been!

“My relationship with my 70 yrs old Momma is better now than it has ever been. We are having fun together. Our relationship has been extremely difficult with much arguments, triggered, and hurt. And when she moved in with me a few years ago…it was getting to the point I couldn’t take anymore.Now, I am actually enjoying my life with her, waking up happier. My daily mid-day headache that I had for years is gone. Thanks to Jenny’s healing support, I now have love and compassion for my Momma and myself. This is truly a blessing—just priceless.”

~ Charlotte, USA

Discover How You Can Heal Quickly In The Next 30 Days Than You Had In The Last 12 Months

You can not have true love and loving relationships without completely healing your core wounds, past hurts, and transform those negative emotions to wherever they are connected to.

If you want to experience radical love transformation in your life, then you have to get the healing support to work through what’s in the way of you having the love and fulfilling relationships you desire. Most people just cope or put bandaids on their wounds or problems–don’t really heal the root. Hence, continue to be triggered or running into the same problems. The key is to heal and transform the underlying energies and blockages wherever this may be…to breakfree from this perpetuating cycle.

When you do, then this is what’s possible for you…

  • Attract your soulmate or take your current relationship to new heights
  • Have supportive, loving, honest, and fulfilling relationships
  • Connect to your passions–doing more of what you love
  • Wake up happy and excited for your day–catching yourself smiling
  • Gain confidence in yourself and get your mojo back
  • Able to love yourself first so that others can love you back
  • Able to experience greater intimacy and orgasm
  • Trust your intuition and make quicker decision & better choices
  • Show up as your true authentic self and openly share your thoughts and emotions
  • Increased creativity, clarity, and flow
  • More opportunities opening up
  • Greater focus and work productivity
  • Healthy boundaries with work, family, and friends
  • Attract more success and align to your purpose
  • Own your worth and value–so you can make & save more money
  • Kick your bad habits to the curb– no more headache and heartache
  • Overcome procrastination, clutter, emotional eating, and addictions
  • Hormonal balance and optimal health
  • Free yourself from your past hurts and wounds–keeping your stuck and playing small
  • So much love and support pouring in
  • Opening your heart to love and be loved again
  • Experience deeper love connection to yourself, others, and that of the Divine

You deserve to experience love and all the goodness of
life has to offer…It’s not too late!

When you are able to let go of all the heavy, old and dark energies that you have been carrying around for many years, healing your core wounds and past hurts, then your vibrations can be raised up into higher vibrational frequencies.

This shifts you into alignment and open you up to the flood gate of opportunities and synchronicities that has been here all along. Making this shift will also amplify your ability to feel and experience unconditional love, passionate intimacy, creativity, and manifesting superpowers.

At this new level of high vibrational energies–you can further be at a match to then attract your Soulmate or perhaps more loving and intimacy in your current relationship. You might be able to manifest a new job or career that’s more fun and fulfilling, and even have a better paycheck. You are ready for all the abundance of the universe, whether it be love, health or finances.

This Radical Love Package Can Help You Experience
The Magic Of Love…

Imagine a life where you can…

  • Wake up feeling alive and excited for the day, feeling so much love for yourself, your family, and the Divine
  • Take your current relationship to the next level and be able to share your authenticity where your feelings are being seen and heard
  • Attract your soulmate who is loving, kind, and supportive
  • Have passionate intimacy in your relationship
  • Spend more quality time together, going out on date nights, and doing fun activities together
  • Be able to trust, respect, and listen to each other in a loving, open way
  • Experience unconditional love and deep connection to the Divine/God
  • Know you are loved, supported, and taken care of
  • Finally leave your past behind and move forward with your life without being weighed down with upsets and resentment

You’ll finally have the tools to reboot your love life.
The life you wanted is waiting for you now!

Isn’t it TIME NOW to have Love and to be Loved once and for all? This Radical Love Transformation can help you experience the new version of yourself as LOVE in the next 30 days.

All the success and money in your life, don’t mean anything if you don’t have love or someone to share this with.

I see so many women & men who struggle with love and relationship issues. It just hurts me to see how they continue to struggle to free themselves from this bondage… I don’t want that to happen to you. This is why I’m here to support you to reclaim your destiny, change the course of your life for the better, and start to really take charge to unlock your full potential no matter what you may have been through.

So if you’re hurting because you experience a lack of love, lack of intimacy, you’re experiencing loneliness inside, or whatever it is. This package is designed for you. I don’t want to see you hurting yourself because of lack of love. That’s my mission.

NOW is the time…I want you to get clear, to shake loose of all the limiting energies, blocks, and traumas that are holding you back so you can experience all the awesomeness of love and align to your Soul’s path to be doing what you came here to do.

I invite you to join me in this Radical Love Transformation journey to Experience Love Magic in 30 Days.




5 Powerful Healing MP3s

30 Days “Love Magic” Healing Journey

(3) 90 Minutes Radical Love Healing Calls

90 Days Energetic Love Bubble

Bonus – Removing Heartwalls MP3

This Package Includes:


Item 1: Radical Love Transformation

Value $200

Format: MP3 – Music and Soundless version & PDF usage guide
Length: 10 min


Experience deep love transformation in all areas of your life: self love, loving relationships, and love of the Divine. This powerful MP3 supports you to align to your unique Love Energy Line™. This can further bring forth and amplify more loving experiences to that of unconditional love and infinite possibilities. At this core energy of love, this is how you can radically raised your energetic frequencies and transform your life.

ITEM 2: Magical Love Bubble

Value: $200

Format: MP3 – Music and Soundless version & PDF usage guide
Length: 10 min

This exuberant MP3 brings forth the essence of your Beingness, where you can experience the magic of love. You surround yourself in a love bubble of feeling good, joy and harmony while clearing out negative and dense energies. This will free you up to have more energies to go about your day. Go ahead and fill yourself and/or your environment up with this magical love.

ITEM 3: Unlocking Sexuality, Creativity & Manifesting Superpowers

Value: $200

Format: MP3 – Music and Soundless version & PDF usage guide
Length: 10 min

Activate and heal your sex centers–the powerhouse–so you can unlock your true manifesting superpowers. This high vibrational MP3 aligns you to your capacity to manifest love and more money into your life. You can further experience more creativity and passionate intimacy as you heal. Once this shift happens, opportunities and gifts are opening up to you.

ITEM 4: Healing Your Core Wounds

Value: $200

Format: MP3 – Music and Soundless version & PDF usage guide
Length: 10 min

Heal and integrate your “wounded self” wherever this may be, whether it’s your inner child, younger self, or past life. It helps to support you in transforming more of your core wounds and break-free of your limiting beliefs and negative experiences. This allows you to quickly free yourself of bondage and unforgiveness–as you experience love and compassion so you can love yourself back into Wholeness.

ITEM 5: Magnetize your Soulmate

Value: $200

Format: MP3 – Music and Soundless version & PDF usage guide

Length: 10 min

This Heart-space MP3 magnetizes and brings you closer to your soulmate. You will be open to attract your ideal partner as you align your energies to make room for what you truly desire. It also helps to bring your current partner closer and to new height of greater love. This MP3 also connects and integrates you to your Heart and “Third Eye” or Intuitive Seeing, which affirms and aligns you to a higher vibration to be a match to manifest your soulmate relationship.

ITEM 6: 30 Days “Love Magic” Healing Journey

Value: $1500

A journey that is going to help you UPGRADE your love life and experience a significant uplevelling in your ability to attract and create the love life you always wanted. Supporting you to heal your core wounds and past hurts so you can feel what’s like to be really loved, free to show up as your true authentic self, and unlock your potential. This journey is going to help you bring forth and radiate the love that is already within your heart to create fulfilling and supportive relationships, uncover your ability to have passionate intimacy, and enjoy life–the magic of love.

Each Day For 30 Days, You’ll receive a short daily transmission, healing, and clearing video ~5 minutes to help you shift your energetic vibration and align you to greater love.

A journey that is going to help you UPGRADE your love life and experience a significant uplevelling in your ability to attract and create the love life you always wanted. Supporting you to heal your core wounds and past hurts so you can feel what’s like to be really loved, free to show up as your true authentic self, and unlock your potential. This journey is going to help you bring forth and radiate the love that is already within your heart to create fulfilling and supportive relationships, uncover your ability to have passionate intimacy, and enjoy life–the magic of love.

Each Day For 30 Days, You’ll receive a short daily transmission, healing, and clearing video ~5 minutes to help you shift your energetic vibration and align you to greater love.

This is what’s possible for you…

  • Having trusting, supportive, loving, and fulfilling relationship so that you can speak what’s in your heart and be seen and heard.
  • Attracting your soulmate who is authentic, open, loving, and kind or taking your current relationship to the next level.
  • Feeling empowered and connected…be able to free yourself more and more from past hurts, core wounds and physical/emotional pain–healing your heartache.
  • Feeling more free to be your true authentic self, allowing you to be more in control over how you feel and respond to life’s circumstances.
  • Unleashing your sensuality and/or having passionate intimacy in your relationship
  • Having clarity, focus, and trusting your intuition more and more as to what steps to take next.
  • Breaking free from limiting beliefs and sabotaging patterns that have been keeping you stuck and playing small–leaving your past behind.
  • Releasing the feelings of being “not good enough,” unworthy, unloved, unsupported, shameful, betrayed and abandoned–at the next level.
  • Experiencing greater love and deeper connection to the Divine/God.

ITEM 7: (3) 90 Minutes Radical Love Group Healing Calls (Pre-Recorded)

Value: $1500

Join me in this LOVE transformational healing journey to experience the magic of love: self love, loving relationships, and love of the Divine. Align you to your “Love Energy Line” so that you can manifest greater love and free yourself from your past.

There is going to be lots of Light Language clearing and healing activations. Group calls are recorded and the healing energies are the same as live.

#1 Magic of Love

  • Soul upgrades and integration healing journey to connect you to bring forth the knowledge, wisdom, and experiences that can support you to greater love.
  • Aligning you to your LOVE Energy Line™ and PASSION Energy Line™ so you can reclaim your power, passion, and love.
  • Amplifying your ability to feel, know, and experience unconditional love.
  • Opening your RECEIVING channels to having love, support and fulfilling relationships.
  • Raising your vibrations and strengthening your ability to receive Higher Help–your own Divine “Love” Team.

#2 Radical Love Transformation

  • Ancestral and karmic healing so that you can free yourself and heal your lineage.
  • Healing and clearing of your past hurts and core wounds including betrayal and distrust so that they can be your greatest gifts instead of greatest obstacles.
  • Freeing your “wounded” inner child so that you can finally be really loved, happy, and free again with my guided inner-child healing process.
  • Breaking free and transmuting your limiting beliefs, fears, sabotaging patterns, and limiting loved stories that have been holding you back from tapping into your full potential.
  • Healing and integrating your wounded self to the bigger and better version of yourself.

#3 Love In Manifestation

  • Aligning to your MANIFESTING, CREATIVITY, and RECEIVING Energy Line™ so that you can tap into your creative genius zone.
  • Strengthening your intuitive abilities, increasing your confidence, and trusting in your inner guidance.
  • Healing your sex centers–the powerhouse–the manifesting superpowers so you can experience passionate intimacy, unleash your creativity, and manifest love and prosperity.
  • Connecting and knowing your language of love and your loved ones ways of expressing love.

ITEM 8: 90 Days Energetic Love Bubble

Value: $500

Format: Energetic Love Bubble with PDF instruction

Jenny’s healing “LOVE Bubble” is an energetic support bubble focusing on LOVE. It is safe for everyone/everything and it is for the Highest Good of all involved. It’s like holding you and those on your list in a safe, protective, and supportive environment similar to the analogy of “your garden” by providing energetic support and nutrients for you to nurture and grow your “love” garden.

You and those in your “Love Bubble list” will also benefit from my signature healing of clearing and healing of negative entities attachments, heart-walls, trapped emotions, and frozen emotions. NO detoxing or processing symptoms from being a part of or included in this Love Bubble. So you can include your immediate family members. Starting from your Date of Purchase.

Removing Heart Walls, Addictive Heart Energies & Frozen Emotions

Value: $200

Format: MP3 – Music and Soundless version & PDF usage guide
Length: 10 min

Quickly clears out heartwalls, addictive heart energies, and frozen emotions in you, loved ones, pets/animals, your home, your businesses, and more. No matter how many heartwalls, addictive heart energies, and/or frozen emotions one person, animal, or place may have, it can be all cleared safely for the Highest Good of all at quantum speed!

  • More than 93% of people have heart walls due to unprocessed or trapped emotions. More heartwalls can also be re-created by negative entities (ETs) or dwelling in past hurts. Heartwalls can cause health problems, such as depression and heart disease. In addition, unhealed heartwalls can block you from achieving success or from giving and receiving love. They can even block you from attracting your soulmate.
  • Addictive Heart Energies are energies created out of the heart’s desperation to feel love, happiness, or another form of positive energy and can be the driving force behind addictions.
  • This MP3 further releases frozen emotions from your energy field which drive your beliefs and your actions. Many times these frozen emotional fields block a person/animal from healing a chronic physical or emotional issue.

Here Are Even More Success Stories….

“I have found my true love. Reverse my emotional eating. Healed my emotional pain and past results…So many shifts and breakthroughs in my personal and professional life!”

“I had been feeling stuck for 3 years straight. Since taking Jenny’s amazing program, my personal relationships have improved. I have found true love, and have had breakthroughs in my personal and professional life which led me to take more constructive action than I had thought possible. I feel more in alignment with my purpose and my passions than ever before.

I was able to let go of a lot of stored emotional pain and past regrets, which allowed me to make shifts in areas of my life that I had previously felt too overwhelmed or helpless to confront. I was also able to reverse my emotional eating habits. I gained more clarity, experienced more trust in myself and felt more spiritually connected. I also found the courage to finally listen to my heart. I also feel much lighter in body and spirit! Many opportunities are opening up for me now… I continued to put myself into the world as an artist after having withdrawn from taking risks with my art for a long time.

If you are looking to change your life in any area…Jenny is a source of bright light in a dark sea of uncertainty. She has healing abilities that are truly miraculous; thank you, Jenny!”

~ Juniper Hiltz, USA, Artist & Writer

“Saved my life and the lives of my family”

“I have so much gratitude for Jenny’ works and want to personally thanked her for bringing this work to the Light and sharing with the masses. Jenny has literally saved my life and the lives of my family. My life has gone from 0 to 90 in the short time as we began this work with Jenny.”

~ Reverend Sophia B, USA

“180 degree shifts in my life. Family relationships night and day difference. No more alcohol addiction. No more messy—clutters in my house. Saving $”

I have a 180 degree shifts in my life. I’ve been through A LOT, ongoing struggles…past hurts and traumas—even sexual abuse. I have so many challenges in my life from relationships to money. My relationships with my family now is a night and day shift. We are actually enjoying each other company and having fun together. For years, I used to have this addiction to drink alcohol everyday to numb up the emotions, running away and not have to “deal with it”. Now I don’t even want to drink anymore and no need to numb up emotions–feel and processed them as Jenny showed me. I am saving a lot of $, too. I also struggle to declutter my house for years—it’s like a storage warehouse. Before, I can’t walk to certain places in my house—now I have room, I can find things and this also saves me $ because I don’t have to go out and buy new things I couldn’t find. I enjoy everything now. I wake up happy and excited for my day—don’t even need alarm or snoozing. I used to dread going to work, but now I’m happier at work and people at work are complimenting me. My side business, I’m able to sell more of my products and making more $-my last event it was sold out! I used to think I was so broken that I couldn’t be fix and if you have told me the kind of life I’m having now—I would say you are crazy. Thank you Jenny for all of your healing support and guidance. I’m so grateful I’ve invested in working with you as you’ve recommended.

~ Char, USA

“Just after 1 month, I meet a wonderful new partner!”

“I just love your healing work and the package MP3s, I used it everyday with my routines. I’m excited to tell you, about 1 month after I got your love package, I’ve attracted a new partner, someone that is wonderful and “normal” for a change from all the past relationships. Also money and career opportunities are opening for me, to the level I never would have imagined possible before.

During our session, WOW!!! It was so awesome. I felt so much burden being lifted off my body by the Divine. I often walk around feeling unworthy and “tightness/weight in chest”, when you started the Light Language I saw white light pouring out of my soul into my chest, heart opening up and seeing lots of forgiveness moving out in all directions. I felt tremendous love and light all over my body, tears of gratitude overcame me. It was awesome and I am just so grateful for you and for all the healing I’ve received thus far…WOW, can’t wait to share with you what else is possible in my life! Thank you and thank God for the work you are doing. We all need it and so does the world at large.”

~ Suzanne, USA

“Seeing through my blind spots and helping transcend them”

“I wanted to acknowledge Jenny for the profound healing that I have received during our one-on-one sessions and also how much her packages have helped me. Jenny she’s so kind and nurturing and compassionate that it’s like my inner child finally feels like she’s safe and she wants to come out and she wants to play! Jenny is able to look at you, know kind of seeing my blind spots whatever limitations that I have and help me transcend them. Working with Jenny has been really a very good decision in my life not only for my own mental emotional health but absolutely from from a spiritual perspective… I would say if one is considering on whether or not to to work with Jenny on a one-on-one basis I would say definitely. Definitely yes”

~ Demetria,USA, Host & Creator Soul Freedom Summit

“I was in an expansive space with violet flame and then the white light. Feeling of wholeness. Joy radiating from within my being.”

“I instantly felt the intense heat over my head followed by a wave of energy trickling down my entire body. I then sensed the violet flame and then the white light…I sensed I was taken into an expansive space and there I saw lights converging towards me. I strongly sensed the ball of white light above my head. I had the feeling of wholeness, completeness and I felt joy radiating from within my being.

~ Joe P.

“My relationship with my husband shifted dramatically”

“Jenny, I think we all want our husband’s energy “fixed” !!! I do it as well and the whole energy of our relationship shifted so dramatically. I should have known you, much earlier!”

~ Silvia, Italy

“My boyfriend of 7 years is more loving than ever, we feel so much closer now. The intimacy between us is quite beautiful.”

“Wow!! First of all I’d like to acknowledge Jenny and her God team for sharing such amazing gifts!! You are a true healer and I’ll always use the tools and knowledge you’ve shared with me for the rest of my life. As for my experience with the Love program… Now, more than I ever I feel closer to my boyfriend of 7 years. Prior to the audios, I was very confused and saw myself heading in other directions. This really isn’t the case anymore. I have so much more clarity… I’m full of love for myself, my partner and I find that I have more patience and compassion for those around me. My boyfriend is more loving than ever and the intimacy between us is quite beautiful. In the past, I was really desensitized to it and not really one to initiate intimacy but now I take the initiative and love every minute!! I’m also more connected to my clients and I feel that they know I have their best interest at heart. So this will definitely benefit me in the long run. Overall, I’m consciously more clear, aware and happy. This is a true gift, to be able to open your heart and soul to truly trust and believe that true love lies within.”

~ Nancy A., Las Vegas, NV

“I’m in my 60’s…I met a man who I want to spend the rest of my life with”

“Thank you, Jenny. I’d met a man who I want to spend the rest of my life with and thanks to you, I recognized that he’s the one. All my life I’ve wanted to meet an ideal life partner, but it took quite a while. I’m in my early 60’s, thankfully still youthful and so is he. I’ve never imagined that it’d turn out so nicely. I’m excited to see what else opens up in my life!!”

~ Eve, Canada

“I’m in my 50’s, deeper connection to the Divine and clairvoyant abilities more sharpen without old limiting beliefs and patterns.”

“I am now able to really love myself and heal my heart…I’m in my 50’s. I have an even deeper connection to the Divine. I can feel their presence, love and support at a higher level than I have before. My intuitive abilities and clairvoyant are more sharpen and I can see more clearly without my old limiting beliefs and patterns. I’m so excited and can’t wait to see what else is possible for me this year.”

~ Vickie, USA

“Seen results within 15 minutes! Men started to notice me! I have not felt excited and happy…in such a long time!”

“I have seen results after playing this one for more than 15 minutes. Last weekend, I was walking to see a friend and out of the blue an older gentleman was crossing the road and greeted me. He fully started to engage in a conversation, gave me a compliment about my eyes and wanted to know if I was single, how long had I lived here, etc. He made me feel so wonderful. Jenny, I have not felt excited and happy to be noticed in such a long time! I am also treating myself with much more compassion, living more consciously, feeling much more present.”

~ Nina L., Vancouver, Canada

“I was able to re-find the love of my life. Now, I am engaged to be married.”

I cannot express in words the incredible impact Jenny’s work has had on my life. At the time I first started using her MP3s I was really sick & was able to move out of always being sick into being well & happy again. Her MP3s are the best but what really is the most beneficial is adding the remote healing & live calls with her. I really feel those helped me have my incredible breakthroughs. I was able to re-find the love of my life, the man that I had been engaged to 9 years ago that went back to his country & we had lost contact with each other 5 years ago after we both suffered the loss of a parent. Working with Jenny last year brought me big changes: I left the job I hated it to start my dream job, I moved to a new state, got a new home, I started believing in myself again. Jenny’s God team and Angels & my angels & the remote healing & her live calls & her MP3s truly made this possible. They got me to get out of my own way to experience the most magical time of my life. Now, I am engaged to be married to the love of my life, working on getting my paperwork together to get married to him in the next few months, we talk all the time as though he is around the corner. I thank God for Jenny and the work she does everyday!! There is so much love, happiness and laughter in my life and that is priceless.

~ L.B.

“Our wedding anniversary saved within minutes”

“I have never purchased a package as readily as I bought Jenny’s. When I first heard Jenny, it was my wedding anniversary, and I had no intention of going near my husband let alone going out with him. Within minutes of the purchase, I felt a huge shift, and I ended up having a peaceful dinner at a restaurant that night. Also, my husband, a skeptic who felt that investing in energy work was a waste of time and money, listened to the Replay of the call as well as the MP3 tracks, said he felt as though he were being scrubbed and encouraged the purchase of the package.

The private session with Jenny was amazingly accurate and healing. I could literally feel things peel away, and the transmutations extended beyond my household. Clearly, Jenny is a kind, clear, knowledgeable vessel, divinely appointed and greatly appreciated. Need I say that I highly recommend her!? YESSSSS…”

~ Marie, USA

“It was like a fairy tale. Intimacy was better than ever”

“The love bubble, worked wonderfully, I went on vacation with my husband and it couldn’t have been more perfect. The flight was perfect, the airport dealings was fast, we picked up the car, everyone without exception was lovely. The hotel was beautiful, we received free upgrade on our 2nd day to an even more beautiful room. They receive us with a beautiful flower arrangement, that was not part of the package. In every restaurant we were served like Royalty, sometimes 5 servers just to us. I received 1 hour serénate paid by my husband. As a surprise our third night the hotel administration sent us a bottle of champagne with a tray of berries and chocolate. It was like a fairy tale. Intimacy was better than ever. Our comeback trip was wonderful, and we found everything perfect at home. I laugh a lot, which is something extraordinary for me and felt my vibrations were always high. Thank you Jenny for the time of my life!”

~ Dr. MU

“Feel more optimistic of building a life long relationship with my husband”

“I was surprised that within a couple days of listening to the MP3s, the quality of interaction between my husband and I was so much better than before. He seemed a lot more understanding, supportive and affectionate and did not express his stress in terms of irritable temper. Not only did this change help me be more “forgiving” of the past hurts between us, the changes also encouraged me to feel more optimistic of building a life long relationship with him. I am also doing much better with forgiving others in my life. I seemed to more quickly accept them, understanding why they did what they did, and not take some of their actions as personally as I would have.”

~ Arden S., California, USA

“Definitely a shift! Guys looking at me more lately”

“I have been divorced since 2009. Since the love program started I have been very blessed. My neighbors invited me down to their resort in Mexico. I felt so blessed to go on a trip & hardly spend anything. So abundance has been great for me during this time. I’ve noticed guys will look at me more lately. Had an offer for a sexual encounter but didn’t accept. I did meet a guy at the ski resort and I was very interested. I definitely feel a shift!”

~ Sherri, RN

“Attracting amazing men into my life. My relationship with myself changed so much.”

“Jenny is my “go to” healer and I especially love the charged water, which I use for everything. My private session with Jenny was incredible, the shifts I felt then were so profound that my life basically changed from that moment. I started selling artwork after practically nothing for years and years and my relationship with myself changed so much that people are telling me that I even sound like a different person when I talk on the phone. I am so positive now when I used to be really negative about myself, and I have started to attract amazing men into my life. Thank you Jenny, from the bottom of my heart.”

~ Lynn

“Help me forgive those who hurt me in the past. More focus at work. Took better care of myself!”

“The healing MP3 helped me to make peace with myself and towards people who hurt me in the past. I also felt so much lighter and had more focus at work. There was also a significant shift in my relationship with myself as I took care of myself and my needs more without being guilty about it. It was like a huge weight was lifted off my back!”

~ Teresa, Life Mastery Coach, Philippines

“My relationship with my mother is much better. And, I also met someone 3 weeks later.”

“I had a session Jenny. Jenny cleared on my heart walls and I had millions of them. We also worked on my relationship with my mother. My mother told me the next day she never slept so well in her entire life and she has been sleeping extremely well since and my relationship with her is much much better. Also after the clearings of my heart walls I met someone 3 weeks later. We are…very happy with the way things are moving. I am happier and more at peace. I will work with Jenny any chance I can. She is loving, giving and truly amazing.”

~ N.S., Mauritius

“My relationship with my daughter re-connected & is healed”

“Before using Jenny’s MP3s, and the Remote Healing programs, my relationship with my daughter had become sadly very strained & distant, due to her partner’s controlling & domineering ways. However, after I started using the MP3s & also participating in the Remote Healing, for maybe one month, my relationship with my daughter re-connected & is healed. Furthermore, she even found the strength & courage to leave this difficult young man. She is very very happy now ? and I have my beloved daughter back in my life! Thank you!”

~ Mum, Australia

“Family, friendship, and folks at work are more loving and supportive!”

“I have made a list of all the people to help heal the relationship with. I ask my God team to work on the list and have noticed that most on the list have treated me slightly better especially in friendships they are more softer and engaging. My brothers have been more expressive, loving and supportive which really warms my heart. Have renewed contacts with my cousins and relatives. There’s shared feeling of love and support. Folks at work that have been more challenging seem to be a lot more supportive. I have also received gifts and won free coffee twice! People in general have been helpful.”

~ Nina L., Vancouver, Canada

“Been celibate for many years…libido and sexual sensations went away… sensations returned and the key areas came alive again”

“I experienced a recovery of a lost sensation in the genital area. I had been celibate for many years and over time the libido and sexual sensations went away. To my surprise, a man came into my life who stirred up some of these old feelings. I did some self-exploration to see the condition of the area. I actually could not locate the key sensual spots. After Jenny worked with me for two sessions, the sensations returned and the key areas came alive again. The libido also returned. I am grateful to Jenny for this work. She is very intuitive and supportive. Thank you, Jenny!”

~ Iva W., USA

“My sex drive improved”

“I’m in my late 20’s. My sex drive improved since using Jenny’s Love package.”

~ Jen, USA

“My sister and I are best friends now after 20 years of no talking!”

“My sister and I have not talk for over 20 yrs. Also growing up, I did not have a good relationship with my mom. Since Jenny helped me work through my forgiveness and responsibility levels, my sister called me immediately after the clearing. WOW, this is a miracle! We are like best friends now and even mother apologized to me for all these years. The harmony, peace, and love in my family has been restored. Never imagine this is possible…I’m in my 60s. Plus, now I don’t have 1 day that I go worrying about money or how I am going to pay my rent, even without a permanent job. I trust that I will be taken care of. Thank you so much Jenny!”

~ Nancy, USA

“My relationship with my son improved! WOW, this is amazing, a miracle!”

Before working with Jenny, my relationship with my son was very hard. He gets angry when I talk, so I hold back and don’t talk very much when around him. He is a teenager, lives with me, so this is hard for both of us. Since, our relationship has improved so much when he saw the changes in me and my businesses growth in # of clients coming in daily and before I was struggling to get clients, that he even want to buy one of Jenny’s package. WOW, this is amazing, a miracle!”

~ L.S., Mexico

“Found the courage to remove myself from toxic relationships that I was afraid to end for several years. Felt empowering to know how much I have improved my self love and connection to God/Source”

“My experience working with Jenny 1-on-1 has given me the ability to finally TRUST and know that I am supported by my god team. On a scale of 1-10, I would definitely give Jenny a 10! Within a few weeks my abundance improved far greater than with any other program or healer and I no longer have the constant feeling of lack and worry. I’ve also found the courage to remove myself from toxic relationships that I was afraid to end for several years. I’ve always had such a hard time letting go of people but I completely understand now that this is part of “clearing the gunk” so that we can heal. It’s so incredibly empowering to know how much I have improved my self love and connection to God/Source working with Jenny and her energy is so loving and supportive!”

~ Laura

“Pain gone!”

“I enjoyed the Love call, the energy was very strong. I had some back pain. At the end of the call – it was gone!!! Thank you!”

~ Anna F., Executive Coach, Energy Practitioner, Germany

“Return to serenity & peace. I found myself smiling & laughing. I also found out I lost weight.”

“I caught the replay of the love group call & had the return of serenity & peace. That call brought me so much, I felt supported & cared for in a way that I had not realized that I needed. The words spoken on loving ourselves brought waves of peace to me. I found myself smiling & laughing. While at the doctor, I found out I lost weight. This is the best feeling ever.”

~ D.M., USA




5 Powerful MP3s

30 Days “Love Magic” Healing Journey

(3) 90 Minutes Radical Love Healing Calls

90 Days Energetic Love Bubble

Bonus – Removing Heartwalls MP3

   About Jenny

Jenny Ngo, MSN is an expert healer and business success coach for entrepreneurs. She is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs take their transformational business to 6 figures & beyond doing what they love AND have the support to navigate the ups and downs of business and life.

She has been featured on well-known global telesummits, such as You Wealth Revolution & From Heartache To Joy. She has helped over 1,000 people discover their true purpose and gifts, and many of them started their dream business.

Started out in modern medicine, Jenny worked as a Registered Nurse and Certified Nurse Midwife for over 12 years. She has transformed her life from a demanding profession, unfulfillment, and struggles to an awakened spiritual journey of healing and transformation.


Through her journey, she has been a powerful catalyst for fast and massive transformation and healing. Jenny discovered her own unique healing abilities and found her true calling. Now, as a spiritual “midwife”, she helps people “birth” their purpose and live their dreams.

Her mission is to help heart-centered people around the world to fully align to their purpose and gifts, connect to their inner guidance, and breakthrough their limiting beliefs and blocks so that they can share their unique gifts to make the biggest impact and income.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her soulmate, husband along with her 2 kiddos, traveling to the beach and other fun places.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I listen to my MP3s on silent?

Yes! There’s a silent/soundless MP3 version included with the same healing energies. You can listen to any MP3 at any volume level or soundless–during the day or at night when you sleep. You can listen to the Music version–just relaxing music without audible Light Language.

Q2. Can I play my MP3 on loop?

Yes you can put any of these MP3s on loop. When looping or put on repeat play continuously, recommend up to 8 hours since they do have powerful healing energies.

Q3. Is it OK to multitask while listening to MP3 or watch MP4.

YES, you can multitask in general except for when you are doing anything that require 100% of your attention or potentially dangerous such as driving, operating machinery, or internet banking due to possible drowsiness,etc. But many people can use MP3s/Group Calls while doing some things that are relatively safe with great benefit.

Q4. Can I infuse my water with the energies of the MP3s?

Yes, this is a wonderful way to reap the added “healing water” benefits of the MP3. Refer to the pdf instruction for a short video tutorial to infuse healing energies to your water and food.

Q5. Do I need to listen to all the MP3s/MP4? Is there an order in which I should listen to them?

Although, there is no definite particular order that you have to use these MP3s; however, I do recommend when starting out that you listen to all the MP3s a few times in the order of item #. This way you can get all the healing benefits from each MP3. Remember, you can always follow your guidance (muscle test, use a pendulum, ask your guides, etc) for more individualized usage such as which MP3 or how often to use.

Q6. What if I feel uncomfortable when listening to the MP3’s or watch MP4

Due to the nature of transformational healing work–aligning, shifting, re-calibrating, and expanding your energy fields for your Highest Good. Although most people, feel very good–calm, peaceful and connected to their Divine essence. It is not uncommon to have various sensations in the body including discomforts while using my healing works. The healing energies are actually loosening up those old limiting, discordant and dense energies so that they can be healed. In the process of releasing and healing, it can feel a little uncomfortable for some people. Remember, this is a good confirmation that “gunk” energies are releasing and it’s a positive sign of healing. Remember, Healing = Feeling + Mindfulness. As you allow yourself to feel and be present, then these dense energies can be transformed quicker–leaving you feeling good. Also, trust that it is not a mistake or something going wrong. The more that you can be present and relax into trusting that this is part of the transformative healing process, the faster you will be able to move through the discomfort and experience more healing.

    Q7. What is Light Language? Is there anything I need to do in order to receive maximum benefits?

    As you’ve experienced during this interview, the Light Language is powerful and transformative. My Light Language is multi-dimensional and high vibrational sound healing, that balances the thinking mind and connects you to your Heart/Higher Guidance while “chopping” away those dense and limiting energies including limiting beliefs, blocks, past hurts, and more. Hence, supporting you to be more of the vibration to let go those “gunk” energies that are no longer serving you and be more of the vibration to what you desire–at the level you are able to come into alignment for faster healing. Furthermore, Light Language “speaks” to your heart’s knowing vibrationally, so it is not meant to be interpreted literally or necessary to be understood by you for healing to occur. So, there’s nothing else “to do” to receive the healing, except to be an open vessel to receive and trust the healing process is for your Highest Good.

    Q8. When will I see results?

    Everyone is at different levels of personal development and healing. Hence, healing and alignment occur at different rate. However, some of my clients notice improvement almost immediately. Many times, our issues are interconnected and so much deeper than what we might think or can see. Plus, we can only heal, at the level we are able to let go and receive (kinked garden hose analogy). The more proper support, guidance and healing you get–the faster you can transform.

    Q9. Can I use the MP3s for others in my home?

    Yes, of course all the members of your immediate household will benefit from you listening and playing the MP3s in their presence. You can also share this package with your immediate family members in your household–living with you.

    Q10. Do I need to listen to all the calls? If so, in which order?

    I do highly recommend (whenever possible), you listen to all the group calls since I’ll be covering various important topics and healing energies to support you to receive and heal. Each group call sets the foundations and builds upon each other.

    DISCLAIMER: The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for any medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All contents shared by Global Quantum Healing LLC or on this website, including text, graphics, images and information, is for general information purposes only. Please see a practicing medical professional if you need help with depression, illness, or have any other health concerns.

    CONSUMER NOTICE: You should always perform due diligence before buying goods or services from anyone via the Internet or offline.

    REFUND POLICY: Global Quantum Healing LLC’s works are effective and have helped many people around the world. However, individual results can not be guaranteed simply because everyone is unique, at different levels of growth and healing. We are happy to offer a hassle free, 30 day Money Back Guarantee. All refund requests should be sent via email within the 30 days guarantee period. We congratulate you in advance for your commitment to your success journey.

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